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5 & 2 builds custom software solutions.

5 & 2 Studio is an organization comprised of seasoned solutions architects addressing business problems with a diverse array of skills and experience remarkable for both its breadth and depth. Armed with a balance of strong academic backgrounds and practical experience developing line of business applications for major corporations they are able to rapidly define problems and design solutions. As individuals, they have been directly responsible for successful projects with organizations spanning a variety of industries including aerospace, education, finance, e-commerce, media/marketing, governance & regulation, and information security.

Together they are building a client-focused polyglot software boutique providing products and services which will enhance the client's ability to efficiently execute their core mission .

Utilizing a platform of enterprise grade tools, they are able to engage with a client and quickly tailor end-to-end automated solutions. These solutions consistently provide performant, high-quality results with particular expertise in:

  • Reporting
  • Legacy systems integration
  • Data Mining / Analytics
  • ETL (Extract/Transform/Load)
  • Business process definition
  • Workflow implementation


Our bread and butter.

Database Design


Data Mining & Analytics

Business Process & Workflow Automation

Systems Integration

Web-based Enterprise Applications

Custom tools/automation


5 & 2 Studio is led by a team of seasoned IT professionals with a passion for building high-quality, flexible and powerful workflow-based systems.

Eric Dennis

Director of Business Development

Bryan Banz

Director of Technical Operations


Director of Engineering

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